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G is for Gift

H is for Hawk is the title of a book given me as gift by good friends. Having started to read it I worry I will never get to its end. Each paragraph provokes a private voyage so powerful that further reading simply stops. And I have so little time to read. (But why?)

Helen McDonald cannot know the magic she lets loose in unknown readers well beyond her ken. The song of the magpie, I’ve always listened out for as I wake –  whoever may happen to share my den. But now the magpie’s song is enhanced. I try to figure out today how she created her own personal tune.   No two magpies sing the same song, I knew. But how did this one compose its own? Helen would wonder and now I too do. Wonderful thoughts that burnish appreciation, not spoil.

And then all nature is abruptly drowned as an amplified chant rudely starts. It’s time to force the peace of religious incantation down ears of deaf apostates. Poor magpie you have no chance.





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