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Zuckerberg surpasses Soros?


In those early days, human masses prayed to various gods, kings, lords and chiefs to grant them their wishes. The pantheons of Greece and ancient Egypt, of Hindu India and the less well-known deities elsewhere, provided for the jostling of different powers – usually representing different qualities, good and bad. The richness, subtlety, depth and panoply that these ‘primitive’ beliefs provided were mostly squashed by the power of the simple minded and boring monotheistic religions. We don’t have stories to relate, any more, of titanic clashes among gods.


Battles between kings, and nations they represent, survived longer, to provide us drama and myth. Armed clashes still continue, even where kings and queens no longer lead. Most of these latter-day wars are less gripping than the battles of old, when contenders clashed directly – and not through proxies or paid armies. Today’s very different and unequal battles capture attention only in the depths of depravity resorted to. There is no interesting spectacle, only disgust-evoking machinations and technology-led slaying of the helpless and mostly innocent.


Clashes between sporting stars and teams remain – to satisfy our lust for viewing struggles for dominance. These too are now losing their grip as we learn how results are mostly fixed beforehand. We could still engage, had we some means to figure out which contests aren’t fixed.


Fortunately, a new spectacle has recently emerged. The handful of global controllers, members of the global cabal, appear to have started to jostle among themselves. This club, which usually has consensus on whom they wish to anoint with political power, could not quite fix it at the 2016 US elections. For the first time in over 50 years, there was real difference between what the candidates offered, instead of the cosmetic personal identity charade that usually happens in elections in all powerful western nations.


Faced with more-than-cosmetic choice, the cabal was confused. Some backed the safe crook while others went for the potential bigger asset. Of the team backing the proven crook, one George Soros appears to stand out, from what some people in the USA are writing.  Zuckerberg, playing for bigger stakes, opted for the Trump gamble, we are told.


Now we have again a drama of celestial proportions. We must pray this will not tamely settle but grow into a spectacle worthy of the unimaginable power they can each unleash.