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Credit due to Hillary

Two people who reacted to my previous post (20 Nov), took the opportunity to criticize, with some passion, Hillary Clinton. Even in distant Sri Lanka, people are interested in how the US elections unfold. Unlike in other countries, elections and their aftermath in the USA drag on forever. One wonders whether the elected ever get time to run anything in the country. No matter, really, for the US is anyway run by a cabal that uses these election spectacles to keep the public eye forever off the ball. Every day in the US is election season day. The farcical show helps keep a mostly politically naïve, but otherwise reasonably educated, public entertained. And it serves to keep the politicians distracted. The cabal is then able to run the country with little interference from whoever happens to have been elected.


Election outcomes make no difference to ordinary Americans anyway. The bottom 90% have to continue coping with declining living standards while the top 1% struggle with how to create interesting enough distractions to counter boredom. The 9% in-between must go on struggling, striving to reach ever so slightly higher on the wealth rankings.


There being greater interest among people living outside the US than within, in its election results, is understandable. Who wins or loses in faraway USA determines whether their own country or region is in peril, based on where the new administration wants to foster fun and games. It appears that some Sri Lankans too had imagined that Hilary C was more likely than the Trump to provide Sri Lanka with interesting times.


My own feeling is that the Hillary is not getting due credit for some of her positives. She brought about a major systemic change in the US electoral system. She has exposed to all, her own party’s real agenda. Previous Democrat nominees for president – Carter, husband Bill, Gore, Obama and the like – were no worse than her in the policies they were committed to. But they all managed to convey to their supporters that they stood for the exact opposite of what they believed in. This poor lady didn’t have the requisite Democratic Party skills to pull it off. Her insincerity was all too evident, and with it came a new wave of public insight into the Democratic Party farce.


Trump, like all Republicans, came across as sincere in his utterances. No teleprompters needed. No rehearsed brushing away of a tear. Just say it as one sees it, however ludicrous. He demonstrated in real life, not just in words, the audacity of grab-them-by-the-pussy honest disclosure. People went for the display of sincerity they felt they could believe in. Policies are not what cosmetic elections are about anyway. And years of creepy Obama rhetoric probably had them ready for revolt.


And in Sri Lanka and scores of other countries, we can take some perverse pleasure in watching the post-election machinations now taking place in the five-star democracy. For decades now, the ruling global cabal worked through their hireling, the US government, to fix election results in other countries according to their preference or whim. In the rare instances that they failed, they had the USA and other tame states undermine the legitimacy of upstart victors, however far off or tiny the countries concerned.


Hillary C, unparalleled ingénue, laid it all bare: the chosen representative of the alleged party of the less privileged incapable of hiding support for, and by, most of the ruling cabal. And in the red corner, the party of the billionaires represented by a billionaire ‘outsider’: allegedly not of the cabal.


We must thank Hillary for bringing to the USA the tactics it had unleashed on the rest of the world.  Her party, supported by the larger segment of the cabal and therefore by most of the main(stream) mass media, is now waging with a vengeance the delegitimization war they’ve practiced to perfection in other nations. Crying foul when the results don’t please. (Her opponent too had laid the groundwork for his own protest well before the election, claiming it was to be rigged.) A pink revolution for the USA is most appropriate. These are methods with which we people of distant nations are all too familiar. But the prospect of such ugly ploys coming home to the USA, to roost, is pleasing.


And we shall see how the new regime will be distracted or rendered toothless unless it falls in line with the more powerful faction of the divided cabal – namely, agree to wage more war, ideally against Russia. But even Syria would suffice to get Trump off the firing line – plus some quiet private agreements. What will the unpredictable President-elect do?


Prediction: Trump will fall in line and agree to launch more military escapades in new places, while keeping old ones prospering as well. And he will, to add to the bargain, continue the assault on our terminally ill earthly environment even more vigorously than the confidence-trickster Obama.

Result: Soros 2 – 2 Zuckerberg

Heads the cabal wins, tails the rest of us lose.