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A day after my mother’s died

I wrote that we cannot decide

Until she is dead

Whether someone lived a good life


This I see is not much help

For me to judge while still alive

Whether the life I lead is good


I need some way to know

Should I now be living bad


To make rule or rules to help work out

Whether our complex life is bad or good

May seem silly

But can’t be ducked


I must strive to find some test

To decide whether I am the best

That I can be

And one I’ve found may do the trick


If the people who yearningly wait

Until I die, dement or soon fall silent

Are those whose dominant actions

I find evil, wicked, abhorrent

And if that crew consists

Of nobody but such types

I must be living right


Should none out there desire

My silence or demise

My life must surely be useless

And how I live a crime reaches me. The comment button on this page does not