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Some body shapes are gorgeously attractive while others fail to arouse at all.  Beautiful bodies announce, ‘Hey, come to me. I can give loads of pleasure’.  As a result, consumers of sex selectively choose nice bodies to experience and enjoy. And people eager to make their body sexier readily pay for things that claim to make the body beautiful.

Had the promise of great sex not been inherent, we could conveniently have stopped at only feasting our eyes on shapely structures. But visually attractive bodies are preferred for sexual activity too. The beautiful body is rather like an advertisement that promises good sex. We know that advertising messages are not often true but we still let them guide our shopping. Is the ‘good sex assured’ message associated with nice figure a misleading advertisement? Or is it factually correct, just as some rare commercial advertisements too are?

The nice body openly promises to deliver pleasure. When it fails to live up to the promise, the reason is mostly that the actual sexual action has been poor or unskilled.  Another is that the individual concerned is easy to dislike. But doesn’t the sexually attractive torso override these and make the sexual experience great? It may do – but there are some obstacles to translating visual attraction into sexual enjoyment.

            A shapely body is best shown off standing. Take two bodies, one amazingly attractive and the other quite ordinary, and keep them side by side – standing and then lying down. The difference is generally more striking vertical.

            Next, look at the same body (whether horizontal and vertical) from a few feet away and then from within millimetres. As we get really close, the overall difference in form becomes less noticeable.

            Proper sexual activity usually requires getting pretty close and it is most of the time undertaken approximately horizontal. Both of these conditions render the attractiveness of contours less obvious.

            Where sex is undertaken in the dark, as it too often is, visual stimulus is further weakened. Fine bodies have a hard time making their visual appeal count during sex. (Pleasing faces too lose visual power during real carnal activity, but probably to a lesser extent.)

Is figure and form an overrated element in pleasure from sex? Or do size, weight, hardness and softness have a great deal to do with physical enjoyment? Does shape matter mostly because it tells us in advance about these other attributes? Are these questions unworthy of attention, given that we will anyway end up dead whether we have good sex or not? Can such questions have answers that apply beyond individual taste?






We’d be disappointed if we sought clues from scientific studies. There isn’t any convincing evidence accessible. Now is the time to do our own studies. Is fat a factor for us? Or only when above or below a given limit? How much does the amount of muscle affect pleasure? Is a given amount of fat or muscle less or more enjoyable depending on whether it is on a woman or a man? If so, why on earth is that? Does skin colour have absolutely no effect on pleasure, even in well-lit surroundings?

Looks are far more likely to be of consequence when sexual activity takes place with others connected only through electronic gadgetry. Physical form is easily seen and displayed when erotic communication is through web-cams, unlike when participants are up so close that only a few square inches of skin is visible at any one time.

Visual stimulus has the added problem that eyes may not even be open at times of exchanging intense physical stimuli. No such shutting of eyes is likely with  stimulation delivered through the internet. In fact eyes are the primary channel to gather internet-based incentives.  We can predict that body shape will become even more the focus, as nice clean internet sex replaces the unsanitary type that requires real physical contact with others.

Sexual pleasure is a major contributor to wellbeing.  It therefore makes sense to improve the pleasure derived from this source. Re-examining the contributors to those really good sexual times or events is likely to be beneficial. It should help us experience more such high points of pleasure and at least occasionally to beat our previous records in ‘great sex’.





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