Easter cheer

Surprise turned to shock as I heard a newsreader dutifully read Easter messages this morning, allegedly as news. The breaking news story was that the President had lauded how Jesus had struggled to liberate the poor from sin.

Maybe the lady at the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation had misread? While I was trying to figure this out, words from the Prime Minister had slipped past. Probably the usual edifying inanities. Next came a message from the Bishops. I think she said the Catholic Bishops Conference, or some such, but I can’t be sure. Their lesson of the day was about the need for ‘economic development and poverty alleviation’. Wow! Even our esteemed Minister of Finance could not have done better paraphrasing Jesus – nuancing his message into one that the rich could heartily approve.

What on earth is happening? The poor are sinners, to be saved. What could be more sinful than remaining wickedly poor in this world of plenty, huh? If the poor fail to be liberated might they forever be excluded from the Kingdom, or have eyes of needles to negotiate along the way? In the meantime we can quietly bless the rich who have already inherited the earth, and justly so too. To keep us all soothed, leaders of the church sing paeans to economic development and poverty alleviation in the name of Jesus Christ. Not having had a Christian education I was completely unaware that Jesus had spent his life running around promoting economic development and poverty alleviation. So good of the Bishops to have made things clear to me this morning.



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