Autism and ‘ADHD’


There is reportedly a remarkable and unexplained increase in the occurrence of a condition labelled ‘autism’ and, probably to a lesser extent, one called ‘Attention Deficit Hypreactivity Disorder or ADHD.

There has to be something sinister going on in the world to make autism and ADHD more common. Or, we have become more liberal in attaching the labels or better at recognizing the conditions.

What could be going on?

  • Too much information for growing brains to digest?
  • Watching TV, video, computer and other screens too much?
  • A response to electronification of human communication?
  • Chemical additives in food?
  • Other dietary changes?
  • Selective mating exposing some previously unexpressed tendencies?
  • ..

Shouldn’t we be doing more to work things out? Could this be simply the medical industries trying to increase takings by attaching disease labels more readily?

You may have your own opinions on the underlying possibilities. Whatever they be, their potential impact must clearly apply beyond ‘autism’ and ‘ADHD’.



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